Other Fundraisers

Hometown Giving

     Give the perfect gift every time!  When you give a gift to a friend or family

     member through Hometown Giving, you give them the ultimate choice all while

     supporting local small businesses and charities.

     If your business signs up with Hometown Giving, it only costs $75/year.  $25 of the

     $75 is given to the charity of your choice.  Hopefully, you will choose Traverse City

     West Athletics as your beneficiary.

Shop Your Community Day

     When?  November 2016

     When you make a purchase at one of the participating stores in Downtown 

     Traverse City, just indicate to the sales associate that you want 15% to go to the

     Traverse City West Athletic Boosters.

Oleson's Community Share Program

     Make sure to insert your team name and coach information to ensure proper credit