All-Season Sports Programs (Fall, Winter and Spring)

The sports programs are produced utilizing full-color graphics on a matte finish stock.  If you wish to advertise, you pay one price, but you are highlighted in all three sports programs.  Programs are sold at various events throughout the year.  When purchasing your ad, you can deem which sport you wish to support.


Click Here to see the spring, 2012/2013 sports program as an example of what is printed.


Pricing and Specifications:


Business Card Ad (3.75"w x 2.5"h):   $120 per year

Quarter Page Ad (3.75"w x 5"h):   $325 per year

Half Page Ad (7.5"w x 5"h):   $575 per year

Full Page Ad (7.5"w x 10.25"h):   $1,000 per year

Inside Back Cover (7.5"w x 10.25"h):   $1,050 per year

Inside Front Cover (7.5"w x 10.25"h):   $1,125 per year

Back Cover (7.5"w x 10.25"h):   $1,250 per year

Front Cover:  Not Available

Are you interested in advertising in the All-Season Sports Program? Click Here to download the "Sign-Up" form and mail it in along with payment to the contact information on the bottom of the form.

Deadline Date for Ad Submissions and Team Pictures:

Fall Program:       August 15th

Winter Program:  December 9th

Spring Program:  April 15th

Advertisers - TC West Sports Program

Click here to see our current list of Sports Program advertisers along with the teams that are receiving credit for those ad sales.

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