Titan Hall of Fame
Traverse City West Titan Athletic Boosters is pleased to announce the establishment of the Traverse City West Titan Athletics Hall of Fame, to recognize former student athletes, coaches, teams and members of the community who have made significant contributions to TC West Athletics.

If you're interested in submitting nomination(s), please complete the form provided below.

Please indicate in 500 typewritten words or less why you feel this nominee should be considered for induction into the Titan Hall of Fame.  All nomination materials MUST be submitted into the TC West Athletic Office no earlier than the third Monday of January and no later than the third Monday of April for consideration by the Selection Committee.  No more than four (4) candidates will be inducted into the Titan Hall of Fame each year and it's preferred (not mandatory) that a member from each of the four (4) criteria listed on the form are represented.

Go Titans!
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