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Why support the Big Boosters?

Below is one of the most common questions we hear at the Boosters: 

“Why should I write a check to the Boosters when I can give a check directly to my son’s or daughter’s team? At least then I know the funds will benefit my child.”

We agree with you. Direct contributions to a team means that your generosity will directly benefit your son’s or daughter’s team. In many cases it’s easier for the coach, parent, player or fan who wishes to support a team or raise funds for their team’s needs to do so directly. However, in most cases with “Team Fees”, your contributions are going to cover the basics---travel expenses, practice equipment, food for road trips, coaches’ supplies, tournament fees and possibly some uniform costs or the cost of an extra assistant coach. What gets left out---which in many cases can help make the difference between a good team and a contender at the State level---are the items that the coaches either need or would like to have but just cannot afford. This is where the TC West Athletic Boosters can help.

Over the past several years, the Boosters have raised over $224,000 that has been used to help Titan Athletes. Our biggest contribution has been paying for the cost of a weight room supervisor. This has allowed athletes, and students, to train four days a week for the entire school year. Prior to this, the weight room was only open after school when a coach was able to supervise its use.

Other contributions include:

  • We have awarded over $21,500 in scholarships to Senior Athletes.
  • Granted funds to purchase new championship banners for the gym
  • Granted funds for construction drawings for the newly proposed outdoor sports complex.
  • We helped purchase a new ice machine for the training room.
  • Granted funds to purchase additional weight room equipment.
  • Granted funds to enhance the speaker system in the gym
  • Retired the remaining debt for the cost of resurfacing the soccer goals at the Coast Guard fields.
  • Granted funds to teams to help with the costs of equipment, uniforms, a batting cage, coaching clinics & transportation costs.

This last issue is becoming increasingly important---and expensive. There is a reason why Traverse City West consistently fields top performing teams and wins championships and State titles---we travel across the state to play the best competition available. It’s a fact of life up here in Traverse City---if we want to be the best, we need to compete against the best. Unfortunately, due to the rising costs of gasoline, many Titan teams are seeing their transportation costs skyrocket. This is a trend that is sure to continue, but it is also an area where the Athletic Boosters are starting to step in to cover the additional costs. The other option---which in my opinion is not really an option---is for Titan coaches to schedule lesser competition closer to home. Sure, the team’s transportation costs will decline but it comes with a cost---lesser competition will equal less post season success.

What is the New Boosters?

Over the last couple of years, we have implemented some significant changes to plan for the increasing costs and unforeseen expenses to our athletic programs. To better plan for the future, each team is responsible for contributing $1,500 per year to the Booster. In addition, each team must participate in all three of the Booster fundraisers based on the number of athletes involved in that sport. If proper participation is met, then that sport will receive the following benefits as an eligible team….

  • Ability to nominate Senior Athletes for the Booster Scholarship
  • Camp Scholarships for Qualified Athletes
  • $300 per year Coaches Clinic Stipend
  • Fundraising Supervision/Assistance
  • Eligible for Booster Grants
    • Priority for Booster Grants will be the continued completion and renovation of TC West outdoor sports facilities. It’s the Board’s belief that booster requests should be for West outdoor facility completion/maintenance and tangible items (i.e. scoreboards, new uniforms, etc.), not reimbursement for supplies/everyday equipment needed to run a team.

Included in the $1,500 mandatory fee is….

  • Weight Room Supervisor
  • Summer Conditioning
  • 501c3 designation for Charitable Solicitation
  • Deposit/Check Processing
  • Website Design/Maintenance

So what can each parent of student athletes do?

The easiest way you can help is by participating in the three Boosters sponsored fundraisers directed by your specific coach. You can also make donation(s) to the Big Booster. Sure, 100% of your donation may not go directly to your child’s team, but you can be assured that 100% of your donation will benefit Titan Student Athletes. Some of the ways you can help include:

  • Advertise or sell ads in the full-color, All –Season Sports Program
  • Play in the Titan Fall Golf Outing
  • Become a Golf Outing Sponsor
  • Participate in the Spirit of TC West Family Bowling Night
  • Attend a Booster Meeting

Booster fundraisers are primarily incentive based for teams that participate. What this means is that the Boosters set aside a portion of the revenues from each event to give directly to Titan teams based on their participation. The more they---and you---participate, the more money we give to them with no strings attached. Over the past three years, we have offered incentive pools totaling close to $45,000. Many teams have received thousands of dollars based upon their participation. So even though you are writing a check to the Boosters instead of a specific team, there is a good chance that most, if not all, of your donation will directly or indirectly benefit your Titan team of choice.

We have made great strides over the past several years in helping Titan Athletes become the best in the State but there is still much that needs to be done. Your generosity, time and commitment will help us achieve our goals. Most importantly, your assistance will definitely make a difference to the young men and women that represent Traverse City West Athletics throughout the school year.

So, instead of asking, “Why should I write a check to the Boosters?”

Think of your donation to the Athletic Boosters as a pledge to help all athletes---including your son or daughter---become the best they can be. Who knows, you may even win something or have a lot of fun at one of our events!

Thanks again for your support. GO TITANS!